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Hustling | It’s Not for Everybody


I’ll be the first to admit that my online ventures were far more successful when I knew nothing about blogging or building products and just hustled.

I started The Minimalist Path, a blog about my simplistic lifestyle, back in the Fall of 2009 and within 6 months was making over $1,000/month from the fast-growing niche blog. At first, I had just arrived back from living in Australia, was working 9-10 hour days for $12/hour in a moving job, and putting in 3-4 hours each night trying to make something happen online. I was always tired and frustrated, but I was ecstatic to see such success. I was hustling, knew nothing and more focused on success than I had ever been prior. And what happened? I succeeded.

So, what happened after I tasted success?

I lost focus and got comfortable.

Bye, Bye Success – Hello Hobby

Back in September 2010, I sold The Minimalist Path to some Australian guys for just a couple thousand dollars. Why? I was burnt out.

I started to hate everything minimalist. I got tired of explaining how to organize shit and decided to just move on. Boy, that was a huge mistake.

I should have shifted my focus with the site and maintained it. I would have made far more steady income and possibly been able to grow that to something larger that garnered a wider focus than living with less.

I’ll be completely honest. I have seen at least 10 bloggers, whom I consider acquaintances, make it BIG and become extremely successful since I sold The Minimalist Path back in 2010.

What happened to me than? Why didn’t I go on to the next venture and grow that into a success?Continue Reading

Exhaust Yourself

Last night, I ran the fastest 3.6 mile route I have run in months. Why? I need to exhaust myself.

When I was 23-26 (just three years ago), I would get up at 5, go to the gym, then head to my 9-5, followed by a 6 mile daily run, head back to the gym, come home and pass out from pure exhaustion.

Not only was I in the best shape of my life, but I was the healthiest I had and have ever been, only needed 5-6 hours of sleep per night and accomplished more than I ever had prior. Getting the most out of my body not only propelled my success, but changed my life.

And I want that again.

So, last night, I turned my Runkeeper app on and sprinted my typical, short 3.6 mile route. No, it was nowhere near a best time of all time, but it was way better than my recent efforts. Why?

I made the decision that I need to exhaust myself.

I say this because we often fall into a comfort zone. I have and I am pushing to get out of it.

If you fight yourself in that comfort zone, do everything you can to exhaust your body physically and see how it effects your returns on effort.

Commit – The App Changing My Life

It’s been 2 days. Just 2 days since I started using Commit, an iPhone app that is simple and motivating, and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

The app asks what you would like to complete every day going forward and then shoots you a reminder each day. It will keep a running streak tally of days-in-a-row completed.

I inserted two separate “Commit’s”, one being to run every day and write every day.

I can honestly say I would have skipped BOTH on day 2 had it not been for the app reminder and my want to build a streak.

I strongly suggest you go get this app. As I feel more comfortable, I can see myself adding more “Commit’s” in the near future.